Why have all of your print specifications in one place?

So it can be moderated by the one person or people in the organisation, whilst at the same time empowering everybody in your organisation to have access to it under an easy-to-use interface. This gives power and control to users, providing the opportunity to find new suppliers quickly and leading to a robust and efficient supply chain.

What do you gain from having an international specifier? 

A printed product is universal, but the way it is described and specified is quite specific to a localised market place. So, through using Printelligence, you can specify it in one way and export it to a supplier in another country in a way which is localised to their requirements so there is no loss in translation. Loss in translation usually leads to an assumption, which leads to an unhappy relationship!

Will all suppliers be able to work with the same specification layout?

Yes. There will be a unified approach to sending out RFQ's and received pricing back from suppliers - in this way, there can be no ambiguity and you get the prices that you want, in the format that you want, every time. 

How does IoP know what the specification is?

IoP has image recognising technology which will take you through to a database of preloaded specifications for all jobs put through. The more you contribute and add to the product portfolio we have, the more that will be available at your disposal to use and integrate IoP into your business.

Do you get to see all of our private data including suppliers?

No. The only thing we will get to see is anonymised data from both the client side and the supplier side. This anonymised data is enough for us to run our intelligent sourcing system. 

How do we get introduced to suppliers?

This is a feature we will be bringing in as part of our roadmap. 

How do we get introduced to clients?

This is also a feature we will be bringing in as part of our roadmap.